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‘Bus ab Dukh Aur Nahi- Now no more Sorrow-Sadness- Suffering!’

Gurudev GD Vashist

Gurudev GD Vashist needs no introduction. He is a world renowned Indian astrologer, sage, spiritual leader and Astro scientist. Commonly known and addressed as Guruji, he is the author of the book Lal Kitaab Amrit. Lal Kitaab Amrit has been lauded by disciples and astrologers alike as the most accurate and useful astrological book written in this century.

Guruji recognized his own powers early on in his life. At the tender age of 14, he lost his vision completely because of damaged corneas. The doctors had given up hope and told a young GD Vashist that he would never regain his eyesight. Nevertheless, Gurudev Vashist persisted. He followed the astrological remedies of Lal Kitab and got back his vision miraculously back to normalcy. This incident triggered in him belief and faith in his own abilities as well as those of the holy book Lal Kitab.

He learnt astrology under the guidance of 5 Gurus (noble Masters) and studied the entire Vedic knowledge in depth. What’s unique about him is that his predictions do not rest on belief alone. He has made an effort to relate astrological aspects with the realistic and practical logics of modern science and technology and has thus gained recognition as an “Astro-Scientist”.

He is the son of the soil who has helped countless people all around the world and created a legacy for himself, which will be remembered long after his time.

Many of his disciples have stood witness to the accuracy of his predictions. With a near 95% accuracy rate of his predictions, his powers are renowned all over the world. Thousands of people whose lives he has influenced have stated that his astrological knowledge and capability is immense and beyond human comprehension.