GDV Astro Card

GD Vashist Astro Card se Jeevan ko do ek nayi udaan, har samasya ka hai samadhaan.

Get personalized consultation for all of your life problems with GD Vashist Astro Card.

GDV Astro Card

The secret to living a better life is one that has been craved for generations by individuals all around the world. ‘GDV Astro Card’ is a subscription card which allows you to get consultation and advice from acharyas working under the guidance of Gurudev Vashist. It is your ‘Kismat ka insurance’ in the form of a 24/7 phone call astrology consultancy service by world-famous GD (GaganDeep)Vashist ji. With this card you can get personalized solutions to your problems and advice about future courses of action based on your Kundli.

The service ‘GDV Astro Card’ leverages the latest astrology known as ‘Vashist Jyotish. All consultation is based on your specific personal data and kundli. Guruji, with his wealth of experience, research and consultancy has developed a one-of-a-kind source to help people get rid of their life problems, challenges and lead a happy and peaceful life.


Specifics of GDV Astro Card

  • GDV Astro Card is valid for a subscription period of three months.
  • One GDV Astro Card can only be used for consultation for one person. For more than one consultation, purchase another card.
  • The consultation service will be made available to you 24/7.

How to Use?

  • Purchase the GDV Astro Card either offline or online with a subscription period of your choice.
  • Immediately afterwards you will receive a UID and a phone call confirming your registration.
  • You can begin your consultation services right away.
  • A membership card will also be sent to you on your address.

How to Use?