Dial Astro Guru Card


Jeevan ko do ek nayi udaan, ab hoga har samasya ka samadhaan

You can get consultation and prediction on a variety of issues and problems that you may face in your every day life. This consultation will be performed by well- versed acharyas under the guidance of the teachings of Gurudev Vashist. Some of the issues covered under the Dial Astro Guru Card consultation are:

Health Issues

Healthy life and health prediction of a person are reflected in their horoscope and personalized birth chart. Health prediction can tell about the weak areas in your body and how to maintain a good and healthy life.

  • Future health predictions
  • Consultation on foods to eat and avoid for a healthy body
  • Diseases in the future and how to avoid them
  • Maintaining good health and avoiding diseases
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Financial Issues

You can get consultation regarding property matter, big purchases like vehicle, house or land. You can also get consultation on debts and future business ventures.

  • Best time and date for purchase of house and vehicles
  • Business related consultation and prediction
  • Property purchase and sale consultation and prediction
  • Partnership in business and consultation on risky business ventures
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Family Issues

Family plays a very important role in our lives. You can get prediction and consultation regarding any problems in the family, your relationship with your family and your children’s studies and future.

  • Prediction of children in a couple’s future
  • Queries related to children’s studies
  • Consultation on family problems and fights
  • Consultation and prediction on children’s health and well being
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Career Related Issues

We work hard, we struggle, we become qualified yet success and rewards are delayed or blocked. You can get consultation and prediction related to your job (promotion, salary, growth) or business(profit, loss, stock).

  • Consultation on getting the right job
  • Career prospects and issues
  • Employment issues
  • Issues like promotion or profit in the workplace
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Relationship & Matchmaking

You can get consultation for any and all issues related to relationship and marriage. You can also get basic Matchmaking Report, Horoscope Matching and, Kundli Matching for couples to check the level of their marriage compatibility.

  • Marriage prediction
  • Remedies for all marriage related queries
  • Matchmaking consultation
  • Married life prediction of couples and its related future prediction
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Personalized Consultation

You can get predictions and readings of your kundli, presence and position of planets and get remedies accordingly.

  • Janam Kundali and explanation of planets, moon, the sun etc. positioning and its meaning and implications
  • Current Mahadasha
  • Shubh/Ashubh planets (favorable / unfavorable planets)
  • Lucky colour, lucky number etc.
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